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"...twists and turns worthy of one of Fleming's James Bond novels."
—The Mystery Bookstore, Los Angeles
"This story that harks back to the best of the Cold War thrillers is at home in the past and the present - and compelling in both. It's one Fleming himself would have enjoyed."
— The Rocky Mountain News
"A great thriller—and the story might even be true."
— Lee Child, bestselling author of Bad Luck and Trouble
"The multi-layered conspiracies are well imagined, ultimately linking even Princess Di's accident to events a half-century earlier. Locating where fact bleeds into fiction is half the fun here."
—The Washington Post
"Silver mounts suspense ever so slowly but ever so surely so that you find yourself breathlessly waiting for a startling denouement."
—The Tampa Tribune
"Silver works in Fleming's actual involvement with spycraft, Winston Churchill, Princess Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Anthony Blunt, and FDR—plus the secret traitor—and illustrates with "authenticating" documents. Fun."
— PoisonedPen.com
"Silver creates a dizzying and yet undeniably fascinating tale."
— Richmond Times-Dispatch
"A monarchy in trouble, murderous treason, and a World War II betrayal that resonates into the present. The real thrill of In Secret Service is watching this contemporary and historical tale recounted through the fun house mirror. Enjoy the ride."
— Brad Meltzer, bestselling author of The Book of Fate
"Smart and breezy...slyly plotted and bolstered with clever evidence and a winsome heroine. Winner of the beach-read sweepstakes, it will have us teasing facts from fiction. For all popular collections..."
Library Journal
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